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Understanding Market Conditions
The real estate market is always changing. It helps to understand how market conditions can effect your position as a seller. When there are more homes for sale than potential buyers, house prices decrease. When there are fewer houses in the market than there are buyers, house prices increase. An equilibrium or balanced market is achieved when the number of homes available roughly equals the number of potential buyers. A buyer’s market exists when there are more homes than potential home buyers. House sellers have many other sales to compete with, leaving houses on the market for much longer. These are ideal conditions for the home buyer, who can take advantage of lower house prices and increased decision-making time. A seller’s market exists when there are less homes available than potential buyers. Under these conditions, competition occurs between buyers, driving up prices and often causing bidding wars. Buyers in this market need to be quick-acting and decisive in order to achieve the lowest possible housing prices.    
Pricing Your Property - Determining the Value of Your Home
One of the most important decisions you will make with your real estate professional, is determining the right asking price for your property. By doing a complete property profile of your house, including current condition, location, surroundings, special features like a view from the property or high ceilings; a comparative market analysis that will show you what houses in your area have sold for in recent months, and a total market overview. As many factors as possible are taken into consideration to accurately assess the fair market value of your property so it sells fast while maximizing your profit.
Preparing to Show Your Home to Potential Buyers
The way your home looks to prospective buyers can make a striking impression. The goal is to get buyers to feel like they can already see themselves living in your home. There are a few tricks of the trade that can help you do this: Home staging – this literally means, getting your “set ready” for buyers. In other words, cleaning your home from top to bottom including carpets and drapes, kitchen and bathroom tiles, walls, ceilings and trim. Next, dispose and declutter which entail getting rid of those items in your home that make rooms feel smaller than they actually are. Then, organize. Tidy up cabinets, bookcases, closets and toys and put away personal items such as photographs, souvenirs and other memorabilia. If your home has empty rooms, stage it with the right furniture. You may be able to borrow some nice furniture from family or friends. There are even places to rent furniture for staging. Prepping for an Open House – a successful open house is key for generating quick interest in your home. Some last minute tips? Make your rooms bright and airy by opening blinds and windows and turning on lights in darker rooms. Help the buyers imagine themselves in your home by setting the dining table or putting out some fresh flowers. The feedback will help you make a few tweaks before the next one.

Notes from our clients

We can’t recommend Wendy Brown highly enough! Very informative and detail oriented, she was able to help us learn more about each home from every angle – from the building blocks and designs, to lot locations and neighbourhoods. We had a brief window of time to pick a home, and Wendy made herself fully available. She was flexible, patient, and just really nice to be around during the long stressful days. As well, though Wendy was a great negotiator, we really felt like we were in the driver seat – no pressure, just support. Another CF member had recommended Wendy, and as promised she worked with our move consultants to get everything done on time and to our total satisfaction.

~ Elina Hill and Mark Schofield

Buying our home with Angela as our agent went so smoothly – it was simply amazing. We were very pleased with Angela’s quick response given tight timelines to find us a new home. She offered personal service that exceeded my expectations given the spring-time surge for buying and selling homes. She was personable, professional, realistic, a skilled negotiator who is very knowledgeable about the marketplace. We are now looking to sell and buy again. Angela was booked off on a short bit of vacation and we met with her business partner Wendy. Wendy equals Angela in every sense and went the extra mile in providing us with a comprehensive market analysis, offering advise on staging our home and what reno’s to have done in order get the best dollar. I highly recommend Wendy and Angela.

~ Sharon Mazerolle

We found our ideal home thanks to Angela Malejczuk. As a military spouse herself, Angela was keenly aware of how we had to find a home that not only met our personal tastes and space requirements, but also had a high resale value. Thanks to her in-depth knowledge of the Ottawa market, Angela was able to assess the current and future value of homes we viewed on the spot. We came to rely upon Angela’s honesty, as she advised us against some emotional decisions, and pointed us toward properties we would not have considered without her expert knowledge of the market.

~ Marianne Herzog & Orest Babij

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